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The correction of phonetic and phonological mistakes in English consonants

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The paper is devoted to the problem of mistakes in pronunciation of English consonants.
One thing that most Russian students have difficulty with is their pronunciation of the phonemic aspects; several sounds existing in English that aren\'t in Russian phonemes. From this respect, admittedly, it is hard for Russian students to perceive and pronounce non-Russian sounds. For example, when Russian students try to pronounce the sound [], they often mispronounce it as [s] because the sound [] isn\'t in Russian.
Another thing that causes Russian students to have difficulty when attempting to pronounce English sounds correctly is their inability to discern particular features differentiating articulation of English sounds from that of their Russian equivalents.
One more difficulty is in transferring Russian pronunciation habits (general rules of articulation and classification of sounds, cases of assimilation etc.) on the way of English sounds articulation.
All these facts explain vitality of the chosen theme for the paper.
The aim of the research is to consider types and causes of Russian speakers’ mistakes in pronunciation of English consonants and work out ways of correcting these mistakes.
The methods of investigation are:
1) critical analysing the scientific sources;
2) total examining;
3) describing;
4) component analysing and grouping;
The data will be useful in working out courses in Practical and Theoretical Phonetics for Russian students to improve their English pronunciation. Also it may be of use for a wide circle of interested people.

INTRODUCTION 3 1. SPEECH SOUNDS OF THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 4 1.1. Phoneme and allophone 4 1.2. Classification of the English consonants 4 2. RUSSIAN SPEAKERS’ TYPICAL MISTAKES IN PRONUNCIATION OF ENGLISH CONSONANTS 7 2.1. Typical mistakes in pronunciation of English sounds: causes and types 7 2.2. Phonetic mistakes in pronunciation of English consonants 8 2.3. Phonological mistakes in pronunciation of English consonants 9 3. CORRECTING RUSSIAN SPEAKERS’ MISTAKES IN PRONUNCIATION OF ENGLISH CONSONANTAS 10 CONCLUSION 13 LIST OF REFERENCES 15

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