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Контрольная работа по английскому языку.
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Task 1.
1. Наказание преступника это
2. Решение проблемы было
3. Запуск нового проекта
4. Наблюдать за поведением члена парламента было
5. Изменение метода наказания означает

1) Перед принятием билля,
2) Перед тем, как поступить в школу полиции, от молодых людей ожидается
3) Перед тем, как выпустить преступника с испытательным сроком (условно-досрочно), от него ожидается

Задание 1.
Переведите комбинации слов, обращая внимание на употребление герундия.
1. Punishing an offender is
2. Solving the problem was
3. Launching a new project has been
4. Watching the parliamentary behavior was
5. Changing the method of punishment means

Задание 2.
Переведите, обращая внимание на герундий.
1. The way of charging a fine
2. The means of detaining an offender
3. The process of investigating the matter
4. The possibility of speaking on behalf of
5. The procedure of summoning the Commons

Задание 3.
Переведите комбинации с герундием, обращая внимание на значения предлогов by, without, besides, before, after, in.
1) By observing the law the offender proved
2) By considering the case the judge at the conclusion
3) By using the data of the investigation the jury made a verdict
4) By improving the methods of interrogating

1) Without making a protocol one cannot
2) Without observing the norms it is impossible
3) Without cross-examining one cant
4) Without sentencing it is impossible

1) Besides appointing the jury the Municipal Counsel decides
2) Besides considering the evidence the policeman on duty performs
3) Besides being persecuted for his beliefs he could not be found any other fault with.

1) Before adopting the Bill it was
2) Before entering the police school young people are supposed to
3) Before releasing an offender on probation he is supposed to

1) After announcing the sentence the suspect was released
2) After adopting a child the parents gave the girl
3) After making a treaty the parties were obliged to

1) In changing the jury the court passed a sentence
2) In considering different versions the investigator arrived at the conclusion ..
3) In bringing a suit against Mr X. the prosecutor made a decision
Задание 4.
Раскройте скобки и поставьте глагол в Passive Voice, используя нужное время.
1. In England there used to be some felonies and misdemeanors which (to punish) really strictly.
2. The Supreme Court (to divide) into two branches: the High Court and the Court of Appeal.
3. The capital punishment (to abolish) in Britain after World War II.
4. The Common Court of Appeal (to establish) after the Napoleonic Wars.
5. In one of the elements of the British Parliament the House of Lords the Business (to conduct) by 80 or 100 of the hereditary peers, though there are 850 of them.
6. The members of the House of Commons (to summon) by the Sovereign, but (to elect) by a universal suffrage.
7. The bill (to reject) by Parliament.
8. The group of close advisers to the Sovereign (to call) the Privy Council.

Задание 5.
Заполните пропуски глаголами (в нужной форме Passive Voice): divide, satisfy, require, regard, reject, offer, oblige.
1. His appeal without inquiry.
2. Do you think the study of jurisprudence can into three parts?
3. Parliament has the right to reject a bill without inquiry only in case when the bill by a private person.
4. The judge considered request of the accused and said it could .
5. Jurisprudence with the fundamental assumptions of one legal system.

6. Solicitors may join the local government service, and qualifications of a solicitors can often for the appointment.
7. Jurisprudence is a science which every lawyer to know very well.

Задание 6.
Переведите текст.

About the Constitution of the United States of America.

Here is the complete Constitution of the United States every Article and Section, including the Bill of Rights and all the Amendments beautifully hand lettered and decorated, with its significance enhanced by imaginative drawings and sketches. «By writing of the Constitution of the United States», says James Michener in his introduction, «we mean an act of such genius that philosophers still wonder at its being accomplished and envy its results In this book the document on which our liberties as citizens and our continued existence as a nation depend is presented in a manner that invites the reader to wonder at its clarity and its permanence. The foundation document of our nation is thus made accessible to all».
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