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Is any job better than no job at all? Do you think that a certain type of appearance is necessary for some jobs? Explain why? Supposing you were offered a

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33. Is any job better than no job at all? This question can’t be answered unambiguously. If we have enough money for living (for example our parents support us), we may choose the job according to our interests not to lead an idle existence. In this case we don’t need any job, but only one that suits us. If we have a good profession (good education) it would be better to wait until we find an appropriate job, of course if we don’t need money without delay. But on the other hand there is a danger to lose not only your professional skills, but also any wish to work. Certainly if you have no money at all you have no choice. But this fact shouldn’t be considered a failure. Any experience might be useful in your future life. The history of business contains the cases when those who had millions and millions started their career from cleaning streets or polishing boots. Such job would give you understanding of people, it would teach you not to be afraid of work. So if you want to be a successful person you shouldn’t descend any job whatever it might be. 34. Do you think that a certain type of appearance is necessary for some jobs? Explain why? I think that your appearance is rather important for almost all jobs. Let’s not take into consideration some taboo occupations, when your appearance is a product to sell. But will you be satisfied if a shop assistant in the supermarket has dirty hair? Will you be glad if your secretary doesn’t wash her hands at all? What will you say to your son if his teacher is inaccurate? According to some private laws of the society we must think of other people and we mustn’t scandalize them by our appearance. Besides there are some traditions concerning clothes. Thus we can’t go to the party in jeans if others wear evening dresses. There is a proverb: a good dress is a card of invitation, a good mind is a letter of recommendation. But if you have no good dress, nobody will learn about your good mind.



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